Transshopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for Transshopping experiments. You will find people open to experiments and a huge hub for all kinds of creativity.
Different styles, different crafts and a variety of conceptualizations make it a perfect biotope for experiments with the Transshopping idea.

Needed: Your idea on Transshopping, inspired by 'Heroes Of The Future' ARTE TV feature with Diane

What is your idea, your inspiration of/through Transshopping?

Inspired by a German-French TV features portrait of Diane, a transformer in the Transshopping project as 'hero of the future' (among others) we want to continue the story to give a platform to ideas that you might have, interpreting the Transshopping concept.

Transshopping at Designparcour Frankfurt Höchst

The designparcours is taking place twice a year, 7 times so far.
The last has been in Nov 2015 and the next probably in June or July 2016
Several empty shops and similar places are temporarily recruited for a festival of designers and to promote the area.

Transshopping has been part of all editions of the Designparcours Frankfurt Hoechst since December 2012

Transshopping Day June 27th/28th Frankfurt


Although this is a local event I post it in English as well, so that those an see it, too, who have chosen English as the site's language:

Parallel to the famous 'Bergerstrassen Fest' festivity in Frankfurt you will be able to find (temporary) asylum in the Experimental Bureau where we have a little event as well.

'Transshopping Day' will be a main focus

exhibition Istanbul December 2007

Here are pictures of my Transshopping art exhibition Istanbul December 2007. Unfortunately there were problems with the landlord so I could not stay in the place.
Exhibition items are now at Kop Art Istanbul.


some of the various possible inputs for treska's transformations: cars, shoes, walls...

new: Transshopping in Istanbul: Seda Umar

flyer arka.JPG

Seda Umar is an adventurous multi-talented artist, doing both, fashion design and art transformations.

After spending her time in other parts of the world (and on a boat) and an exhibition in Frankfurt she now has returned to Istanbul and the opening date of her new atelier with Transshopping is set for December 27+28, 2007.

look here

Istanbul Transshopping December 27+28

Yeni Resim.JPG

Transshopping + Moda + Resim + Dönüştürülmüş Eşya Sergisi
27-28 Aralık
27.12 19:00
Müzik : Sanchez
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00
İstiklal Caddesi, Büyükparmakkapı Sokak. Tuna Apt. No:15 Kat:5

Transshopping + Fashion + Picture + Transformed Furniture Exhibition
28 December
27.12 19:00
Music : Sanchez
Visiting Hours:
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00

season greetings in the spirit of a relaxed x-mas

x-mas 2007.jpg

In my dark and deep fantasies where white turns into black,
i met the apocalyptic snowman and his x-mas-slave santa chlor.
they tried to send christmas to hell...
but not with me!
i took my camera, light and action to beat them. they had no way
out. forced to live in an ordinary fotography from now on.
so, ... my friends don t rub your monitor or this card!!!