Example for Sabine's creations and transformations

A rare case of having made photos after AND before. (usually this is forgotten)
First photo is before, then in progress and finally the result!
However - you should definitively take a look on her website to see the unique style and quality of her designs:

Transshopping ideas: Diana: Transform a whole shop!


Diana, Graphic designer from Frankfurt. (http://dddd.de)

Why don't we/YOU find a whole shop to be transformed.
And then ask a group of transformers to do it (students, various artists?).

Transshopping Designparcours Frankfurt Höchst Nov/Dec 2014

Impressions from the Transshopping section at the Winter Designparcours 2014

some transformations

some transformations Anna did at Berger Str. event

5 Jahre Frauenkluft Wallstr. Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen mit Transshopping

Nicht alles auf diesen Bildern sind Transshopping Aufträge. Aber es gibt einen Einblick in den Stil von Frauenkluft über die Zeit...

Guitar Transformation

Guitar Transformation by Txus. Budget was about 70 EUR if I remember right.

In & Out

Shown are examples of asha´s transform works.
The basic idea is to give things new function or attraction which seem to be ore became superflous. You can call it recycling, upcycling or even transforming while there is no concrete definition among these terms made up yet. Thanks!