Transshopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for Transshopping experiments. You will find people open to experiments and a huge hub for all kinds of creativity.
Different styles, different crafts and a variety of conceptualizations make it a perfect biotope for experiments with the Transshopping idea.

I found a number of entirely different artists/designers open for the experiments during the last two years.

Barcelona is a city of transformation itself through the influx of creative people from everywhere, so new places pop up all the time while others move or change. So it keeps being exciting to revisit.

Below is a selection of places/artists where I explored that you can bring your transshopping input as a 'customer'.
But they are at least hundred more with artists and designers who are potentially interested in your challenge
So I like to encourage you to discover not only the ones listed below.
Take the courage and the initiative and visit one of the many more studios/shops and artists/designers and start a Transshopping experiment on your own! Many will be willing to do it.
Send photos of your input and the result (before/after) so that we can show it here!

recently revisited and recomended:
Akwaaba Bcn

changed location but are still recommended to contact: (check for markets presence!) (better see facebook?)